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After working in Hong Kong for 24 years (1978-2002) moved back to Nong's home town in North Thailand ... I set up my own independent consultancy in order to be able to make a living ... but one of our projects involved our garden. (OK .. mainly Nong's project)

Not many people in Hong Kong have gardens so it has been a wonderful experience building ours in Thailand ... even the mistakes (which there have been lots of) ... below you will find a record of how it went (is still going) ... click on the small pictures to see larger ones ... from Nov 2003 to April 2004

It all started when we moved into our house in December 2002
This corner would eventually have a patio door and decking with the filtration underneath
Sideview of the house
Unusual rubbish bins at the front of each house ... made out of recycled tyres
The first thing to do is get the monks in and get the house blessed
9 Buddhist monks .. lucky number apparently
They showed great interest in our first fish tank
.. and after the monks left we had a party
Nong and the designer"Bowl' decide where to start digging
let the digging begin
mechanical digging finished .. now bring on the strong guys
reinforcement and pipes in place .. now where is that load of concrete?
The concrete for the floor of the pond being laid
More concrete under the watchful eye of the foreman's son
more concrete

more concrete

more concrete .. looking for the flip-flops that one of the workers lost while wading in concrete

concrete has set ... time to plan out the walls of the pond
wall bricks laid ... the square tank is the filter .. as big as the pond itself
another layer of bricks going into the walls ... plus some plastic
the filter can be seen easily here ... but has yet to have the individual sections built in
the waterfall wall will be on the right
time to knock two walls down
and put in new patio doors
high tech equipment ..
in bare feet
and now the second wall goes .. it's too late to ask if a 'supporting wall'
both missing walls can be seen (where are the cats?)
.. can anyone else hear
'meowing' under
this pile of rubbish?
starting to put the covering over the pod walls
.. guy is in the filter
hole for patio doors + plus hole for the filtration system for the fish pool
thank goodness the patio
doors have gone in
the posts go up to support the water fall wall .. looking from behind
decking is going in
decking over the filters .. there are 6 sections to the filters
decking and drying walls
can just see the sections in the filter .. and the waterfall wall starting to rise
the back of the waterfall wall ... actually the front of the house so can be seen from the road
the waterfall wall rising .. plus partial view of empty filter sections
Meanwhile over the wall at the back of the house the guys are bringing in the latest rice crop
the master builder .. and he really did know his trade ! .. lot os respect for this guy
waterfall wall almost complete ... providing privacy from the road
the first load of water to soak the walls ... notice the floating banana stems .. which apparently soak up dissolved concrete
The pergola well under way
during the first month we had to keep the sun off in order to give the filter an opportunity to settle down
in fact we had some difficulties with green 'stuff' growing in the water and have had to cover it up several times
after a couple of weeks the filters seem to take control again
bit of a hassle really ... a nice facility but covered in plastic .. DRAT this algae
The Finished work ... in fact it will probably never be finished ... a lifetime commitment .. but fun (we hope)
anyone for chess?
view down from the balcony
front of the house .. back of the waterfall wall
back of the waterfall wall
view from the balcony ... the waterfall wall on the left
the pergola
fish .. but wouldn't keep still for the photo .. DRAT
inside the pergola ... furniture is made from old wooden (Thai) farm equipment
water round one side of the pergola
this garden furniture is great ... made by prisoners in a Thai jail
a slightly Bali look . but made from sandstone in local small business (Thai)
one of the first visitors to the garden
front of the house
DRAT ... couldn't resist putting a thatch over the Pergola .. 17 April 2004
this is where it all starts .. deciding how to keep the sun and rain off the pergola
the Bamboo has been cut and the grass (thatch) dried .. now how is it fitted on?
cutting holes in the bamboo for the main supports
no nails needed for this join
view from across the road ...
the next supports go in .. nails used in this bit
time to start laying the thatch .. fancy name for some dried grass
these are what the strips of thatch look like
almost finished
last few bits ... notice the safety equipment

a view of the finished shelter over the pergola .. it might take a while to get used to it
view from above

and as we had some bamboo left over .. thought I'd ask one of the guys to make some fancy candle holders
The Family
'BIG KAT' .. bought all the way from Hong Kong ... very relaxed
.. or new local Thai 'Little Kat' even more relaxed
'Albert' .. unfortunately we had to leave him in Hong Kong .. as the customs officers would not allow him into Thailand .. very sad .. a good friend for 23 years      
... some of the facilites on our Mooban (Village) includes
keep fit area with our house
in the background
clubhouse pool restaurant
pool again .. small pile of condos in the backgroup
clubhouse .. restaurant on the top floor

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now have to try to earn some money to try and pay for all of this
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entrance to the village
tennis courts
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Map and road directions to get to our village/estate    
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